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High Touch Korea has an unmatched cultural/technological background to bridge Korea and the rest of the world. Through a couple of decades of inbound/outbound Korea communications, High Touch Korea’s key staff members have long been putting the energetic country to the global business environments.

Our globally-oriented media activities and communications consulting services have been helping Korean companies expose their contents to the global market they pinpoint. The Korea-bound PR and marketing services have also been preferred by a lot of Western companies and industrial associations.

High Touch Korea has a great number of technical media marketing success stories for global companies in need of reaching and making fruitful business goals with Korea’s leading global brands such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and SK. It also plays a remarkable connection and network with global media and communications markets: for Korean companies and industrial associations, through its widespread experiences with global market frontiers and leaders.

Do you want a media outreach to Asia, North America and Europe? Are you searching for ways to find and contact business partners the Korean governmental organizations and industrial specialist can’t afford to provide you with? Do you need a result-oriented marketing consultant service for Korea? Are you in need of cultural programming and training for your Korean branch managers?

Do you want to promote your Korean programs abroad? Are your Korean projects and campaigns hungry for global attention? Have you been dissatisfied with communication services provided by strategy-centric Korean agencies and highly-priced global agencies? Do you need more specific tactics and results for your global propaganda projects through a Korean agency based outside of Korea?

Now you have a right answer at High Touch Korea. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, it has a Korean branch in Seoul. We will help you save time, budget and efforts for your Korean-bound, global-bound blue prints.

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