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As futurists indicate, the age of a high technology will be followed by a new age of a hightouch.

Korea’s high technology driven by mobile and broadband makes the dynamic country as a global test bed. Even Silicon Valley-based start-ups ardently aim to touch base on the “energy”-full, sparkling Korea.

Korea’s time-honored tradition has resulted in a swell of cultural heritages and remains, leading to global attention to the “elaborate” high-touch contents. A wide variety of “high-touch” menus ranging from well-being foods and traditional performances to contemporary movies, music and B-boy dances are second to none.

These unbeatable waves, both high-tech and high-touch alike, still draw global attention inbound and outbound as well as inside and outside of Korea. This was a good impetus to the birth of High Touch Korea, whose intermingled communications in and out of Korea date back to the 1980s.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, a hub of global technologies and multi-cultural mix, High Touch Korea is pleased to hand out its touchable and movable hands to those who really want to taste what the real Korea is alike and what the valuable Korea deserves.

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