With more and more healthy food preferred by people, an eating pleasure gets hotter and hotter to a diet effect. Hot and spicy food containing a capsaicin caters to a need to lose weight as it helps swear out during and even after eating.


Kimchi, a pickled vegetable mix seasoned with hot peppers, has long been loved by Korean people immune to flues and other viruses. Hot and spicy ingredients are coming closer to gourmets looking for something fresh and impressive.


Hot and spicy tastes are, thus, sought for and developed by chefs, snack/pasta manufacturers, fusion menu developers and many other food specialists. ‘Hot for Diet, USA 2010’ conference will surely be another spice of our dining event.


High Touch Korea is pleased to invite you to have a grab on how the hot foods will be helpful to our health, skin and eating pleasures. Show your ‘hot’ recipe through demo, presentation and cooking. ‘Hot for Diet, USA 2010’ will be a ‘must’ for your B2B/B2C promotions.


Hordon Kim
Principal, High Touch Korea



Date : To be announced
Venue : To be announced
Organizer : High Touch Korea ( 
Manager : SEMICOMM (
Items : Hot & spicy sauces, snacks, noodles, pastas, rice, etc.
Format : B2B conference & business meeting (all day)
Number of attendees : B2B/B2C table-top demo & cooking (in the afternoon)
Registration Fee : $120 (expected)

                             $100 (attendees)

                             $30   (visitors)