April 26, 2011, Seoul - High Touch Korea, together with IT Conference (www.it-conference.net), a specialist planner and organizer of seminars and conferences, announced that it will have Making Gochujang event on June 24 (Fri.), 2011.


This event aims to help foreigners and overseas Koreans as well as local Koreans wishing to know Koreas traditional food and cultural heritages. DIYers and well-being food seekers are invited to experience the Gochujang making event.


All participants will enjoy mixing, making and sampling Gochujang at Soonchang Sauce Experience Center, 289km south of downtown Seoul. They can also pop corns in a big traditional mechanical tool looking like a canon, coo, Gochujang Bulgogi (barbecued beef) pizza, and make rice cakes good for stomach.


Hordon Kim, Principal of High Touch Korea, commented: Together with the experiences, a ground tour of Korean Sauce Museum and a roof-tile house village filled with Gochujang and other fermented food making and sampling shops, will add to pleasure of seeing, touching and feeling Korean culture a lot.


Psmall_순창군장류체험_외국인.JPGarticipants will also be given a free souvenir of Gochujang in a 500g jar: in a totally different taste and flavor from commercialized Gochujang sold on the market.


Of special note is a casual conference on the Hot for Diet after wrapping up the event. All participants can share their ideas and opinions on the hot, spicy, fermented and health food in a pleasant mood. The small conference will be held in Korean and English.


Participation fee is 132,000 Korean Won (including VAT) including a travel insurance, a breakfast, a lunch and finger foods. Departure is at 7:00 a.m. on June 24: at a bus stop in front of exit 6, Gwanghwamun Station (No. 533) of Subway Train No. 5. The number of registration is limited to 70.


Event details are available at www.it-conference.net, and inquiries are available at

honey.kim@hightouchkorea.com, 82-2-3473-6369 (office), 82-10-5044-6371 (mobile) or 1-925-989-1144 (U.S. cell).


Twitter @HighTouchKorea