April 26, Seoul - High Touch Korea (www.hightouchkorea.com), a bridge consulting house for Korea and the rest of the world, is pleased to announce that it launches "Experience Korea !" campaign.


Designed to help foreigners and overseas Koreans as well as local Koreans wishing to know Koreas time-honored tradition and hair-raising high technologies, it will come out with a wide variety of cutural and adventurous programs every month.


Hordon Kim, Principal of High Touch Korea noted: "The traditional tourism has already switched to SIT (Special Interest Tour) mode, and this will be colored to a big mixture of SEE, TOUCH and FEEL: for a real EXPERIENCE KOREA. The project campaign will be a great boon to multi-cultural Koreans and foreigners in need of what the country is really alike."


The first batch of its programs High Touch Korea will launch is a "Making Gochujang". Featuring a lot of unforgettable experiences of making and tasting Korean traditional food, both fun and fusion, it will be highlighted by a casual conference among participants at Korea's one and only Gochujang Experience Center.


Details of the event are announced separately for the "first-come, first-served" registration.